Joe Galbraith
  • Has the “smartest” looking glasses
  • Likes breakfast for lunch
  • Professional email writer & phone caller

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Nick Carnahan
  • Can’t remember his computer passwords
  • Intentionally puts himself in life threatening situations for “vacation”
  • His best friend is covered with fur and likes to chase sticks

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John Annis
  • Involuntarily given the nickname J.P.
  • Very tall
  • Most likely to appear in a GQ ad

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Brandon Reinke
  • Heartiest office laugh
  • Silent but steady
  • Drives the sweetest car

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Jordan Donald
  • Not Donald Jordan!
  • Drinks water out of a fancy flip top glass bottle.
  • Once turned a shipping container into a classroom.

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Nhia Lee
  • Consistently smiles when arriving at work each day.
  • First GCA staff member to star in a music video (appearance at 1:27)
  • Fluent Hmong speaker!

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Arthur Talayko
  • Can build what he draws
  • Fled the USSR
  • Has a taco problem

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Sarah Hansen
  • Built a desk that can also grow plants
  • Founded the office candy dish
  • Gatekeeper of the product library

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Mr. Coffee
  • Shortest employee
  • Complains he’s always hot
  • Scared of lighting storms

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