February 16, 2017

Planning Retreat – Madison


Nick Carnahan got hitched at the end of 2016, so the annual November planning retreat was postponed until January 20th 2017. This year we stayed a little closer to home and visited Wisconsin’s capitol Madison for a look at what is happening within our state, but outside of the Milwaukee bubble. The day consisted of a long walking tour and interspersed meetings on design, production, and planning for 2017. Locations visited included the UW Rowing center, the Chazen Museum of Art as well as an afternoon planning session at a work share space 100 State. For lunch we had to hit up our favorite restaurant on the square The Old Fashioned where we introduced John Bayer to his first old fashioned ever! An eventful planning retreat for sure…

UW Rowing Center | Chazen Museum of Art | 100 State | The Old Fashioned