z Stretch Grain Silos

Location: Waukesha, Wisconsin
Status: Completed 2009
Size: 20,000 SF

Agtech Products, an agricultural biotechnology company underwent multiple tenant build outs as they developed from a privately owned Wisconsin company to a subsidiary of Dupont. The projects ranged in program from a conference center to an office and laboratory wing. By working over several years and projects with Agtech Products, we were able to maintain a consistency of design throughout their offices and help to reinforce their brand identity through the aesthetic of their space.

Cleanliness and precision were important impressions to convey in the design of the space as these are paramount qualities in the agricultural sciences. The modern, light-filled spaces were also a contrast to the balance of the outdated office building in which they were located.

Throughout the project, agricultural materials like corrugated metal and exposed fasteners were used throughout the facility to reinforce the connection between the business and its client base of rural farmers. By reinforcing that connection and using materials in unique ways, the offices became more meaningful than a standard office environment.