Better Business Bureau

z Stretch Better Business Bureau

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Status: Completed 2013
Size: 8,000 Square Feet

In order to expand and improve their services in the Wisconsin market, the Better Business Bureau sought to relocate to larger more modern offices. Coming from a disjointed office arrangement a primary goal for the new facility was to create a fluid and open office space. With their larger, more efficiently designed offices the agency will be able to expand the programming that they offer to both consumers and accredited businesses.

The new offices include a dramatic lobby space, a shared community room, and flexible meeting facilities. Careful attention was paid throughout the design of the interior to create both a dynamic “fun” environment, but also to reflect the sturdy principles and integrity that the Better Business Bureau possesses at it’s core. This juxtaposition of vibrancy and traditional values creates a welcoming and reassuring environment for both the public and staff.

Another significant consideration in the project was the acoustical privacy required by the work being done. High noise reduction coefficient (NRC) ceilings, cubicles and carpeting were specified throughout the office to reduce the transfer of noise. A white noise system was installed as well to help mask any sound as it carried between office workstations.