Bluff View

Location: Dubuque, Iowa
Status: Summer 2017
Size: 2,600 SF

A Dubuque couple came to our firm following the purchase of their 1980’s bluff home that commanded spectacular views up and down the Mississippi River. The home, originally designed and constructed for a wealthy bachelor certainly unique. The house contained no less than six different levels. As one staff member exclaimed while touring the house “I feel like I’m in a tree house”.

The home was in need of a significant amount of rehabilitation, and a reconfiguration of space to accommodate the needs of the new family. More than anything, the house in its current state was chaotic in appearance and in need of an aesthetic editor. To begin the design process with them we suggested a series of recommendations and alterations that could be made to the home to calm it down and provide a cohesive outward appearance.

Through our typical process of listening to the client and appreciating the inherent value of what pre-exists we were able to deliver a road map of design ideas that the clients can implement in a singular project, or over time in a phased approach.