Convivium Urban Farmstead


Location: Dubuque, Iowa
Completed: Summer 2017
Size: 15,500 S.F.

Convivium Urban Farmstead began when a local couple purchased a pair of abandoned 1920’s greenhouses on the economically depressed north end of Dubuque. Their vision for the structures was to turn them into an operating urban farm that could teach neighborhood residents to grow and cook healthy foods. The ultimate goal of their organization is to build community around food. The transformation of the greenhouses started on Jackson Street where the design of the new facility “gives back” two bays of greenhouse space to the public to create an intimate outdoor courtyard. This space helps to create an alive-ness to the street and invites the community onto the property to help foster participation. The interior of the facility includes a café, a training kitchen, a large woodshop, and an event center that can be rented out to help financially sustain the mission of Convivium Urban Farmstead. In addition, the majority of the existing greenhouses will be rehabilitated and used to foster urban agricultural startup businesses such as a hydroponics company, or local caterer’s and food companies that will eventually relocate off site once they gain a critical mass in their respective businesses. Check out their website for more details!