Racine Home

Location: Racine, Wisconsin
Status: Completed, Fall 2015
Size: 750 SF

When considering the spirit of this addition project, it was important that the new construction embody the understated elegance of the original 1800’s farmhouse. This was accomplished through an addition of a simple rectangular form with a broad open porch. The materials, window openings, and roof forms mirror those used on the original house while the smaller size ensures that the main house remains the primary visual feature in the composition.

One issue the addition sought to solve was the confused entry sequence to the historic house. Originally intended for pedestrian traffic, the 1800’s entrance to the house was located on the street side and was inconvenient to modern guests who arrived on the opposite side of the house via car. The porch created a gracious sheltered space that served both a public entry centered on the porch stair, but also a private mudroom entry for the couple’s children.

On the interior, the kitchen was a focal point of the design due to the clients frequent entertaining of guests. The large island in the center of the kitchen created a location for people to congregate without overwhelming the clients as they prepared food in the kitchen. An eat in area adjacent to the island served as a secondary node for gathering within sight of the kitchen.