Good Shepherd’s Evangelical Lutheran Church


Location: West Allis, WI
Status: Completed 2018
Size: 1,400 sf

Good Shepherd’s Evangelical Lutheran Church reached out to GCA with the goal of strengthening and growing their community of believers. At the core of this goal was creating a place for existing and new members to build connections and gather before and after service. The existing narthex was quite small and didn’t leave much room for gathering. The connection to the lower level fellowship hall was through a dark stairway that wasn’t well connected to the narthex. GCA collaborated with the church and approached these challenges through several design options to find the right solution at the right budget. The final design respected the original architecture set forth by Steffen and Kemp, using similar details and materials. The amount of useable gathering space was more than doubled, and the dark stairway was opened up to the narthex allowing natural light into all spaces. Lighting and sound systems were also upgraded in this project. Applying simple concepts of space configuration and daylighting have helped the congregation create a more welcoming place for the future.