Microbial Discovery Group


Location: Franklin, Wisconsin
Status: Completed 2014
Size: 5,000 SF

One passion of our firm is to help growing companies change the trajectory of their business through their environment. By matching facilities to vision, a thoughtful space can become; a sales tool, a center of collaboration, a more safe and productive work environment.When the founder of Microbial Discovery Group approached GCA to design an expansion within an existing tenant space, he came with the typical list of spatial requirements. At our initial meeting, we documented these important requirements, then probed deeper into the vision for what his company was becoming. We established a series of Patterns, which guided the design team, client, and contractor through the project. One key design objective was to utilize the building as a sales tool. This was accomplished by placing strategic visual markers through the space to lead visitors and assist in selling the capabilities of the company to outside customers and investors.

The importance of the relationship between the office, laboratory, and production space was considered in every aspect of the project. A Biosafety Level 2 Laboratory was carefully located and designed to accommodate expansion and flexibility of equipment. The laboratory space is celebrated in the design by incorporating an all glass corner to connect visitors and employees to this vital part of the facility. Growing companies tend to have a family dynamic, which was no different at MDG. GCA designed spaces where the staff could come together for casual collaboration or large staff meetings, enhancing the rapport and communications between different business modules in the same company.