Port Aransas Residence

z Stretch Port Aransas

Location: Port Aransas, Texas
Status: Completed 2008
Size: 3,200 Square Feet
Cost: $650,000

This residence was constructed in Port Aransas, a barrier island near Corpus Christi, Texas, that forms part of the Padre Island National Seashore. As a winter home for a retired Wisconsin couple, the home was designed to be low maintenance with the ability to be rented during the unused summer months. The house was arranged in such a way that it typically accommodates two people, but can handle up to sixteen guests at one time. This flexibility was crucial as the retired homeowners occasionally have large gatherings of family stay for extended periods of time.

The exterior aesthetic of the house was derived from its costal surroundings and geared to satisfy the very strict design covenants set in place by the local homeowners’ association. High quality materials, carefully detailed and executed, are evident throughout. On the interior, ample daylight throughout and vaulted ceilings characterize the space.

Given the hurricane vulnerable location of the house, numerous measures were taken to provide increased durability. Hurricane resistant glass as well as specialized structural bracing were utilized throughout the house to provide an additional level of safety in the event of a storm. The acidic air of the costal environment also necessitated the use of stainless steel fasteners on the exterior to prevent corroding.

Another unique consideration in the design of the house were the measures taken to ensure that the retired couple can age in place at the residence. While neither owner currently has physical limitations, the entire house is fully ADA accessible. This accessibility includes an elevator to all levels of the house. In the event of a disability as the couple ages they will not be required to relocate. As the client happily puts it “I wouldn’t change a thing about this house.”