Quick Lube Office Conversion


Location: Dubuque, Iowa
Status: TBD
Size: 2,000 SF

This project was a quick study for Wilmac Property Co. in Dubuque Iowa. As caretaker owners of a long defunct service station they were seeking help in repositioning the property for a higher use. Located in the recently revitalized Historic Millwork District, the 1970’s era building was incongruous with the century old warehouse buildings that surrounded it.

Despite it’s tired appearance, the structure of the building was solid. Our recommendation was to embrace the features of the building that gave it a unique feel such as the large glass garage doors and open mechanic’s pits. Rather than remove or cover them up, we celebrated them in the conversion of the space to a new office use. This approach helped to keep construction costs down and will provide an affordable, reimagined space in a highly desirable neighborhood.