Vesta Real Estate Advisors


Location: Wauwatosa, WI
Completion Date: February 2016
Size: 5,200 S.F.

With any company, capturing the ethos of the client’s business is a significant driver in the design of their office. The feel of Vesta Real Estate Advisors was derived from both from its recent rebranding effort, but also from its unique approach to the residential real estate brokerage business. Recruiting their talent from occupations outside of real estate, such as higher education and business, Vesta prides itself in bringing an incomparable degree of professionalism to a field that many perceive as lacking rigor. They required a space that was clean, sophisticated looking, and would appeal to recruits coming from similar offices in different fields.Measured use of a rich wood palette within a clean white space helped to create the feeling that this was an office that is both precise and cultivated. At the same time, this clean sophistication sent a message to their clients that they could expect a higher standard of care than they may have been expecting. Vesta’s focus is not only on attracting the top talent in the region, but also keeping that talent once it arrives through a positive, playful, and team oriented environment. This retention focus was evidenced by the large amount of space dedicated to a full kitchen, a recreation (err… brainstorming) room, and a multitude of settings to meet informally with co-workers