Five years ago today, I started my morning with a cup of coffee and a short walk to the office, my basement. While I had a project or two to work on, my primary focus that morning was on building contacts and setting appointments to share a vision. Over the past 5 years, turning I into we has been a run of good luck and more importantly aligning with talented people who shared that vision to make GCA the company we are today. Bringing on Nick Carnahan as partner in the first year resulted in a seismic shift in capabilities. His mark is certainly felt in the emotional heft of our work. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to express deep thanks to those who contributed to this rise from a home office to a compelling storefront filled with the hopes and dreams of our clients. My partners in this journey listed in alphabetical order are; John Annis, John Bayer, Nick Carnahan, Jordan Donald, Joe Haider, Sarah Hansen, Nhia Lee, Lonni Olson, Nick Migan, Brandon Reinke. The accolades of present and future success are theirs.