American Greenhouse-sm

The crank that opens the original skylights.

One of the greatest benefits of working at an architecture firm is that you have the great privilege of meeting fascinating people who are passionate about what they do. Mike Muench and Leslie Shalabi are two of our most recent friends and we are thrilled to be helping them as they resurrect a historic 1920’s greenhouse complex in Dubuque Iowa. Their vision, Convivium Urban Farmstead, will be an urban farm centered on building community around food. Soon the greenhouses will be abuzz with a community test kitchen, guest lecturers on sustainable food, fall canning classes, and the occasional goat roast. (I told you they were fascinating!)

If you’re interested, check out more of what they’re up to!


The greenhouse interior.



Hot goat with ample amounts of butter.


The Band-sm

Leslie is also an accomplished blues artist.